Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Sunday Afternoon Ride

An Indian summer is a heat wave that occurs in the autumn. It refers to a period of above-normal temperatures, accompanied by dry and hazy conditions, usually after there has been a killing frost. It occurs in the Northern Hemisphere between late September and mid November.

From Wikipedia

Okay, for some it's still summer but here in Fairbanks, the "killing frost" has already occured so it sounds like Indian summer. This definition is from the fount of all knowledge known as Wikipedia.

After the weekly grocery shopping was done, it was too nice of a day to not go for a little ride. I headed out on the Old Nenana Highway to Henderson Road. Followed that to St. Patricks Road. Somewhere along the way, we lost pavement. I then headed up to the top of Ester Dome where the next two photos were taken.

This is the view looking towards Murphy Dome to the northwest. One of these days I'll make it up there. There were quite a few people enjoying the view from the top of Ester Dome. Some were on foot maybe trying to get in some last minute training for the Equinox Marathon next Saturday. But more on bicycles enjoying a downhill run after getting a ride to the top.

This is the view looking towards Fairbanks to the southeast. I was looking for views with lots of leaf color but it still looked kind of drab to me even with the blue skies and bright sunshine. I then headed through Goldstream Valley towards Fox and headed towards home on Skyridge Drive. The loop through the Goldstream Valley and Skyridge used to be one of my favorite rides when I had first started riding. But this summer, the entire route was messed up by road construction. It's looking pretty good now.

One last photo on Skyridge Drive as you can never have enough pictures of the fall colors. Maybe it's my imagination but the rig really did seem to run better after modifying the exhaust system last night. Less intake noise as you don't seem to need as much throttle. Time will tell.


  1. Well done. The University of Alaska's blog went far further than they ever intended I'll be bound.

  2. So nice you are getting some warmer temperatures before the cold returns.

    Things may look brown but the blue sky and blue Ural make up for it.

    1. I think the cold returned today. I got to try out the heated grips (they work great!) as it was 40°F this morning.

  3. My sidecar rig has been suffering from a battery anomaly...PC680 Odyssey shows "100%" but not enough power to turn the R100S engine over. Once started all is well. Been using the kick starter which is tough with the 1000cc motor. Ordered a new battery. Hope to install it tonight.
    The "old" Odyssey is not 2 years old yet but the seller won't return my inquiries for a "warranty".
    This is the 2nd. PC680 which has failed in under 2 years of age. Maybe I need to go to the larger PC925 battery, but it is much larger / heavier.

    1. I was having problems with my Odyssey PC925 battery a few years back until I changed the voltage regulator and increased the charge voltage per Odyssey recommendations.The stock regulator would stop at only 13.8V and I cranked the new one up to 14.4V. I also picked up a "smart charger" to desulphate the battery. Both have made a huge difference with the Odyssey and it is like new again. According to the Odyssey documents that came with the battery, charging to a lower voltage will significantly reduce capacity and life.

      Right now my Odyssey battery is 4 years old and performs like new. Though the new starter and charging system probably helps...

    2. Regulator.?...I'll be looking into that. I think mine still has the original. I have a spare, later manufactured "Wehrle" regulator sitting around. I'll look and see what it's output is.
      I have an older Odyssey recommended "Schneider" charger which I always use.
      Thanks for the tip. I never realized they recommend a higher than "stock" charging voltage. I'd be willing to bet that this is my problem.....

  4. Has word reached the Far North of the passing of Bobskoot?