Sunday, February 19, 2012

Almost Home

Three flights down and only one more to go! We arrived at the Addis Ababa airport about 37 hours ago and haven't gotten much sleep since then. Lots of security checks, delays in customs and lost baggage.

This was one of many motorcycle based vehicles. Lots of small single-engined bikes, lots of three wheelers that the locals call "virus" or "mosquito" since they showed up all of the sudden and appear to be everywhere. Only one BMW spotted on the whole trip and that was an RTP being ridden by military police. Lots of small engined dirt bikes, no cruisers, no Harleys, no hacks, no chrome... One tourist on a fully farkled KTM dual sport bike. The vehicle traffic was horrible to my western eyes.

More posts and pictures later.


SonjaM said...

Good to hear (read) from you. I guess recreational vehicles such as motorcycles don't have a lot of purpose over there, and not many could afford this anyway.

VStar Lady said...

Glad you made it - am looking forward to more photos. Thanks for sharing!

redlegsrides said...

I too am looking forward to the pics Richard! Hope your flights are smooth and safe.


Redleg's Rides

Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

Trobairitz said...

Glad you are almost home. We've missed you.

Looking forward to hearing your stories and seeing more pictures.

Keith - Circle Blue said...

Very grateful to see this post. Hope all goes well on your way home.

I do look forward to the photos you promise.

Again, be safe.
Circle Blue

Unknown said...


You're nearly home, welcome back. Can't wait for your impressions, and photos.

Riding the Wet Coast

Allen Madding said...

That picture is amazing. Its probably a good thing I no longer own a wire welder, or I might become inspired to begin designing a comparable utility vehicle.


Bluekat said...

Glad you made it, and hope you get rested up. Looking forward to the pics!

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Richard:

Better you than me, I'm afraid to say. It sounds like you've endure 37 hours of ghastly traveling. Still, the picture was interesting. Do you make a habit of going from one temperature extreme to another?

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads