Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Waiting for my Flight out of PDX

Heading to the Portland airport now after visiting parents and family on the HUT shuttle (with wireless Internet). I had considered renting a bike for the week but bike rental rates are astronomical and the selection is slim. Bobskoot mentioned in a comment that I should just consider picking up a second bike and just leaving it in Oregon but I don't come down here that often. Maybe it just seems like that over the past year since I think that this is the third time I've been in Oregon. Much more often than normal.

This is a shot of Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA. We stopped here for dinner on the drive north. The bridge decking is tempered glass panels but they are no longer transparent as some of the pictures of the bridge show. The visit was generally enjoyable though the challenges my mom, my sister, her husband and their family have to deal with on a daily basis caring for my dad are very real and difficult. I was thinking on the rods trip north that my dad is only thirty five years older than I. The thought that this could be myself later in life was very disturbing. Seeing all the my cousins again was great. Meeting them at the farm was interesting since it stirred up many memories as Most of the time I've spent with them has been when I was pretty young and we were all just getting started in life. Kind of odd to see them all talking about retirement. I kind of feel that I've missed out on a lot of things while living in Alaska for the last twenty eight years. Starting to feel a little selfish...


  1. Hi Richard,
    Well, you could borrow our little honda "project" bike, but it's only good for a few miles. Then you have to stop and fix whatever has decided to break. ;)

    It sounds like a nice time, visiting family and places from your past. I'm sorry for the challenges for your family & the struggles that go along with it. My mom took care of her parents as the aged and had health issues. It's tough on everyone, even for those who aren't there day to day.

    We had family from Alaska and California that visited each summer here in Oregon. My Grandparents place was where we all met. We sold that house years ago, but my mom still lives next door to it, and has the acreage that was part of the farm. Many, fond memories when I stroll around the farm and fields.

  2. Richard:

    I really like Kari's plan. Give you a bike to use complete with a suitable tool kit and bring it back better than when it left.

    It just seemed like you were "always" down in Corvallis, so the second bike option appeared to be a good solution but now with NO farm, there is no where to store it.

    It seemed to be such a nostalgic visit but you have to live your own life and not dwell too much on the past, or what if . . .

    I have always done things for other people and I found out the hard way that sometimes I value friendships more than what was being returned and thus have experienced disappointments. The older we get the more we realize how short our time is and you have to make the best of what is there.

    You are lucky to have family to visit and good memories of the past. My memories aren't so memorable and it would surprise you to know that I am a runaway . . . but that is a story for another time. In the meantime, keep looking ahead for the good times to come.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. Kari:
    Generous offer of the Honda project bike;-) A couple miles at a time between repairs and I thought my old bike needed a lot of maintenance...

    Thank you for the encouraging words. I think I needed that.