Saturday, September 11, 2010

Evening Walk Around Creamers Field

Went for a walk this evening at Creamers Field and there were quite a few migratory birds there. I believe that this is a a flock of Canadian Geese on their way south. Another sign that Fall is just around the corner. Tomorrow seems like a good day for a bike ride.

Another shot from Creamers Field using Autostitch app with the phone camera.

On the way home, we noticed that one of the few commercial hot air balloon vendors was just taking off. His favorite time for flying is in the evening. He takes about three people at a time for rides lasting about 1½ hours. I've gone up a couple of times and if you've never been up in a hot air balloon, you have to try it.


  1. Definitely looking like fall. Some of the scenery reminds me of Oregon. I don't think I've ever seen balloons up in the evening around here.

  2. bluekat:
    Up here the evenings are usually cool and it's still daylight. Both are desirable for piloting a hot air balloon. You have to get up to early for similar conditions.

    Thank you for commenting.