Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Last Ride of the Season"

Today was the first "Last Ride of the Season" by a loosely organized group of BMW riders. By loosely organized, I mean all that exists is a mailing list and the rides are completely unstructured. Someone is nominated to leave first and once folks get tired of standing around talking, they head out. The destination for the day was Chena Hot Springs. I had ridden out there and camped about a month ago (link) and it is a nice destination located only about 65 miles from town. This is the first time I've actually showed up to one of the rides as the last one was back in May when I was bedridden. I just got added to the mailing list after the 3rd "Last Ride of the Season" about a year ago. There are some riders in the group who ride just about year around. One person has a newer oilhead with a side car rig. Apparently, the fuel injected engine makes for much easier starting in sub-zero temperatures.

There was quite a mixture of bikes including a number of non-BMWs. The former BMW dealer now a Royal Enfield dealer so there were a number of newer Bullets. There were quite a few other airheads like my old R100RT and Bob, our new Airmarshall, was going around trying to drum up more members for our new Airheads chapter. Unfortunately, I'm going to miss the meeting again this month as it is next Thursday. There was a bike of similar vintage to mine (dual shock R100) that had a 120/80-18 Metzeler Sahara 3 rear tire. Looking at the web site, I noticed that they actually list a 4.00-18, which is the factory recommended size. Now that I know it'll fit, I'll probably ask Shawn at Adventure Cycleworks to order a rear sometime before next Spring. Still need to figure out what to use on the front as they don't make a matching front tire in the correct size.

I rode out to the 37 mile marker for Chena Hot Springs Road before turning around. This was about 3/4 of the way out. I am now sitting in the Fairbanks airport waiting for my flight to Barrow. The flight is delayed an hour so I probably could have ridden all the way out and still gotten back in plenty of time to make my flight. It was another great ride, the weather was beautiful, and it was so warm that I didn't even need my jacket liner.


  1. It's good that you're getting some rides in before winter sets in. The weather looks nice, blue skies and sunshine, but I see more fall colors in your trees with each post.

    We're having more rain and it seems fall has set in for good...a wet fall at that. I will probably get wet on my commute tomorrow!

  2. Hmm...sorry your ride was cut short for a delayed flight. But what exactly are you giong to Barrow for?? Even farther north for colder weather?? Stay warm and I hope the skies remain clear for more riding when you return. -Lori

  3. Yes, taking advantage of every opportunity to ride these days. In many areas, most of the leaves have already fallen off leaving just dingy gray. Hopefully, the nice weather will hold out for a while longer.

    Barrow is a work-related trip and the winter has not yet set in.