Monday, August 2, 2010

Back in Alaska

After spending a very relaxing day in Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada, we crossed the Yukon River on the free ferry and headed out on the Top of the World Highway. This road climbed out of the valley and pretty much ran along the ridge line all the way to the U.S./Canada border. The Taylor Highway, which runs from the border south to the Alaska Highway near Tok, was washed out due to some recent rainstorms but was reopened on Thursday morning. What timing. Personally, I didn't have a problem with going back through Whitehorse and staying an extra day in Canada but I think others in the truck really wanted to get home.

The border sign was just about deserted save for a couple riding two-up on a Harley Sportster heading out of the turnout as we pulled in. They had stopped to take their picture with their bike in front of the sign. The iPhone Autostitch shot was taken from the turnout facing roughly north. As you can see, we are well above tree line at around 3800 ft or so. This road, while kind of rough, only sees a fraction of the traffic of the Alaska Highway. We stopped at a gas station just a few miles past the border, and the owner mentioned that he didn't have much food to sell or fuel (including fuel for his own generator) due to the road closure. But he did have some fresh baked goodies that attracted my son's attention almost immediately and hot coffee which got my attention.

"Top of the World"
The Top of the World Highway turns into the Taylor Highway in Alaska and was pretty narrow and rough, still wider and smoother than the eastern half of the Campbell Highway, but was way too narrow for the tour buses and 40' fifth wheel RVs that were coming through the just repaired road (IMHO). You can really tell the difference from the Alaska and the Yukon roads. After a brief stops in Chicken, AK, and Tok we made our way back home by late afternoon.

Here are some shots of Dawson City that appealed to me.
St. Marys Church

Riverboat Keno
Frost Heave Damage "Kissing Buildings"

On Sunday afternoon, a small group of us rode out to the Monderosa for lunch again (sorry bobskoot and Conchscooter, no pictures). There were several other riders out there and they commented on our rather mixed group. Kawasaki Concours, three Harleys, two BMWs and a Yamaha. It was a fun trip with great company.


  1. Richard:

    Perhaps one day we will make it to Alaska. I'm sure they have food up there.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  2. I keep forgetting about any food pics. I miss the gravy on the fries already. Maybe I need to go back into Canada for a while....

  3. My folks have driven there motorhome to Alaska. I don't recall the routes they took, but I know one was rough, and they were stranded with flats for a time. They loved Alaska (they met there). Someday Ron and I have to make our way north.

    Nice pics! I love the kissing buildings. (I always forget the food pics too!)