Monday, August 23, 2010

A walk around NARL

Barrow Whalers football field
This evening, I went for a walk around NARL as it was a beautiful evening. Temperatures were in the mid-50s, a nice breeze blowing and not a cloud in the sky. In case you haven't heard, Barrow has a high school football team, the Barrow Whalers. They have a wonderful field complete with artificial turf, electronic scoreboard and a great view. The Ocean is behind me and a lake is in on the other side of the field. The facility in the distance is a radar facility that also houses some scientific instrumentation. I guess there was a game last Saturday but since I was busy playing with video, I didn't stop by to watch the game. The field is located just past the NARL campus.

Just a little west of the football field is the area where they are unloading the barges. This is THE way for the majority of heavy stuff gets into Barrow. There are rows of these containers as they come off the barge and the empty ones get loaded back on. There isn't a dock but it looks like they offload from the large, sea going barges to smaller versions that they bring all the way up to the beach. Then forklifts unload the containers and stack them on the beach. Fuel and gasoline come in the same way so the price in the end of the summer determines the local gas price for the entire year. Bringing stuff in by air is expensive, especially gas. This morning, in the cafeteria, I met someone from Fairbanks. She is up here teaching or tutoring at Ilisagvik College. It's always a surprise to meet someone up here that you know.

I believe I've taken a picture of this "Welcome to Barrow" sign before but never on so nice of an evening. The days are still pretty long even though Fall is just around the corner. It is after 9 pm when these pictures were taken and the sun was just a bit to the left out of frame. I've included some additional shots that appealed to me. I've had pictures of the theatre before but they were taken in the winter. The overhead utilidors currently carry natural gas to many of the buildings for heat.

This used to be the Theatre

NARL Quonset Huts

Overhead Utilidor
Tuesday Morning - I'll end with a panorama I took this morning from the platform on top of the BARC. It is almost 360 degrees. But having a hard time getting a picture to upload. That may be a limitation of the Blogger platform as the original is 11.3 MB. The scaled down version is 6.5 MB and that won't upload either. The next option is 40K. What happened to everything in between. Maybe I need to find something other than Blogger. Oh well, here it is...

I tried using Photobucket, as Bobskoot recommended, and it will accept the full size file but the link it provides always returns a low resolution copy as would be most suitable for a blog post. I need to keep playing around with this.


  1. Richard:

    I host my photos on Webshots or photobucket, you have more size options.

    I just consulted my Alaska map, Barrow is at the top, in the middle of nowhere. Any sushi restaurants up there ? I don't think I want to be there 3 months from now.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  2. Bob,

    There is a great sushi restaurant up here called Osakas. I just had lunch there today and brought a couple of folks who had never had sushi before (they loved it). The sushi here is better than most places in the state (as well as other states!) Yes, it is in the middle of nowhere but, for me, that's part of the attraction.


  3. 9:00? It's 9:41 here right now and it's pitch black outside. I definitely sense a new season will be upon us soon. The pano is awesome. Hope you can figure out how to get it bigger.

  4. Dear Richard:

    I want to add your blog to the "Destinations" list on mine... But my criteria is for moto content. So would you mind it I added it to the "Alternative Destinations" list?

    I am not big on technical photography, but I will do my best to comment in a way that will not embarrass you. .

    Fondest regards,
    Jack ®iepe
    Twisted Roads

  5. Jack,

    Thank you! Moto content sort of comes and goes depending on where I am. And during the dark months, the only bike related posts are when I do some sort of maintenance or repair.