Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sign Forest in Watson Lake, YT

This place is pretty well known. It is a "forest" of posts with signs and was originally started by home sick soldiers working on the Alaska Highway during it's original construction in the 1940s. Now, it is a big tourist attraction and one that I've stopped at on every trip up or down the highway.

Day three of our trip. We are now in Fort Nelson, BC. Today was a longish day as there were very few places to stop on this stretch save for Laird Hot Springs. That place gets really crowded as most travelers on the highway feel that it is a "must stop" for their trip to be complete. It is nice if you've never been there before but not special enough to deal with the crowds. Muncho Lake and Stone Mountain Provincial Parks were both wonderful and saw lots of sheep along the road. We also saw a brown and a black bear, bison too numerous to count and a lone caribou. There are lots of places I would like to spend some time at but we always just seem to be "passing through" on our way south.

Lots of motorcycles making their way up the highway. By far, the majority are Harleys with dual sport bikes (BMW GS, KTM, KLR, etc.) a distant second. After that are Goldwings then other model touring bike and cruisers. Very few sport bikes (I actually don't remember seeing a single one). Significant that there are just about as many bikes as RVs.

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