Friday, July 16, 2010

BMWMOA Rally - Part 2

Today seemed like a much quieter day at the rally. I saw an email on the Airheads list mentioning an "Airheads Tent". BTW, "airhead" refers to the earlier BMW motorcycles that use the horizontally opposed, air cooled engine commonly refered to as a boxer style engine. I think these were produced until about 1995 or so. I wandered around the camping areas until I saw a large tent with a variety of airhead club flags. Sadly to say but there is no Alaska chapter. I also ran into the other Fairbanksan here that I know of and he is talking about starting an Alaska chapter.

I attended several other sessions including a session led by Matt Parkhouse on Airhead maintenance issues. Pretty interesting and useful information for me. I also volunteered to help at registration and also drove the shuttle for a while. The biggest challenge driving the shuttle was the huge turning circle and all of the bikes parked everywhere. While working registration, they mentioned that there were in excess of 7000 people attending this rally and the fairgrounds here is the best of any they have ever used. I guess I chose a great first rally location.

I went back to the Airhead tent after my registration shift and they had a Cajun chef making shrimp etoufee served over pasta and a nice green salad. A great dinner with new friends. Right now, the band is still playing blues-rock. Hopefully, they will stop by midnight.

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