Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nice Day to Ride

Today was just too nice of a day not to go for a ride. Another BMWMOA member had finished working most of the bugs out on his bike before heading out on a long road trip so we got together with a friend of his and went to Nenana for lunch. His bike is an 1984 BMW R100RT, just one year newer than mine but both are painted the same color. His is the one in front in the picture. Mine is in the middle and the beautiful, purple Harley is is in the back. It was sunny and warm for the entire trip and after a Mondo Jalapeno burger at the Monderosa, we headed into the village of Nenana and beyond for a little sight-seeing. On the way out of Fairbanks this morning, we noticed a new brush fire to the south but I didn't think about taking a picture in time to pull into the turnout.

On the way back into town, I did remember to stop and take a couple of pictures. This is another Autostitch iPhone panorama made from three iPhone pictures. Again, the only way to control exposure is to tap on the screen to use a similar area for focus and exposure. The fire was considerably bigger at 3:00pm than it was at 11:00am when we first went by. I'm told that this is burning on military land and no effort is being put into control. Unfortunate as it probably could've been completely knocked out this morning before it started growing.

Here is the mandatory bike picture. I actually washed it after the last trip to Rika's Roadhouse since it was pretty filthy after riding on the highway in the rain. I could barely see anything through the windshield. This was taken at the same turnout where the panorama was taken.


  1. glad you got one of those days when it was just too nice not to ride :)

    We're supposed to wash our bikes? I thought the rain the ofther afternoon on the way home took care of that :)


  2. Allen,

    This was the first time I've made any attempt to clean the bike as I always counted on rain. I guess it started from degreasing the driveline to make it easier to work on then progressed to painted surfaces.

    Thank you for stopping by.


  3. Richard:

    with the V-strom I thought it was a sign of honour to have it caked with dirt and mud.

    I heard that if you went fast enough the dirt would just blow off

    Wet Coast Scootin