Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Beemer is Back on the Road!

I picked up the thermal compound at the local computer store so I was able to finish putting the bike back together. Took it for a short ride to see how it ran, fill up the fuel tank, and make sure there were no leaks. I guess another reason was to see how my body reacted to riding. I'm happy to report that the bike ran great, no leaks and I feel just fine. No aches or pains or at least no new ones. I didn't head up the long hill on this ride since I promised to just ride to the gas station and back and not try and push myself. The rebuilt petcocks feel silky smooth and the engine started on the first compression and just seems to run better. I guess the vacuum leak contributed to the harder starting. Maybe tomorrow I'll try a longer ride.

My Beemershop order came in today with the carb overhaul kit. If it runs fine, I'll wait until this winter to do the overhaul. I'll be sending off the heads then for a thorough rebuild at that time. One other item I ordered were EZ-Pull springs which are basically replacement throttle springs with a 30% lighter pull. According to the web site, I don't need to pull the carbs to install them. They do recommend giving the throttle grip a good cleaning. I may try and do that before replacing the springs.

Wednesday evening - I took the bike up the hill just past Ester to see if the vibration returned. The good news is, it's gone. The tank was full, as before, and about the same air temperature, cruised up the hill in fifth at about 65 or so and even passed a couple of trucks. I guess the problem was the broken vacuum line and the really lean condition it created. Just like yesterday, the bike started on the first compression and idled smoothly. I guess the carb rebuild is going to wait...

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