Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Unhealthy Air Quality

Another beautiful sunrise here in the frozen north. It's about 10:20 in the morning so it's still well before the sun actually rises, I think that will be around 11:00 or so. And it's still -17°F so there are absolutely no plans for a long walk in the woods. The mountains on the far right in the picture are still part of the Alaska Range though they are well over 100 miles away. A good visibility day in spite of what the EPA says "Unhealthy Air Quality Index". Apparently, too many people around here burn stuff in the winter (like heat with wood). Maybe that explains the great sunrise/sunset photo ops...

I looked for the full moon to the north but wasn't able to see anything. I guess the local geography, south sloping hills, is working against me. That must be why I have never noticed the moon to the north before the the beginning of December. BTW, this will be a "blue moon" as it is the second full moon of the month.


  1. Richard:

    It just boggles my mind to think that you live in the most pristine, natural, scenic area on the Continent and you are telling us that you have bad air.
    I guess it's a local secret

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. According to the EPA, Fairbanks has some of the worst air in the country. At least when it's really cold and a temperature inversion (warmer air on top of cold air) traps the pollutants near ground level. If you live in the hills, temperature inversions are nice.

    Thank you for visiting....