Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Strength Training

I finally got around to using my Alaska Club free month that I received from the WIN for Alaska program last year. Today, I went to their new facility on Chena Pump Road to start my free month. I was told that I really needed to start some sort of strength training to go along with my walking and jogging if I wanted to continue loosing weight. This is not only from the WIN consultant but also from my regular physician. I need to build muscle mass to speed up my metabolism. I don't want more exercise gear around the house so the Alaska Club seems like a good option. Today, I ran on the treadmill for half an hour to warm up then went through the ten Nautilus machines doing ten reps of each exercise. I was told that the goal was to do barely ten or raise the weight the next time you go through the sequence. Since this was my first time, I was guessing at a starting weight and I hit it right on the correct weight on a couple of machines. I can really feel it now especially in my arms. Kind of like the overall feeling as when I first started on the treadmill and it is a good feeling. I'm Trying to figure out whether it's worth it to sign up long term.

I finally moved the bike into the back of the garage this evening. Kind of sad but I am looking forward to working on the bike. After parking the bike and getting it up on the center stand, I noticed that the side stand was just about getting ready to fall off. One more thing to add to the list. Now I really do need to pull off the header pipes (to get to the mounting bolt for the side stand).

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  1. I've found that strengthening my core muscles helps with riding, too. Once you get going on a regular basis, the whole thing becomes kind of addictive.

    I kind of like the end the best, though. Sitting in the hot tub and drinking coffee!

  2. Richard:

    I'm getting exhausted just reading about the treadmill and talk about jogging and walking.

    I think I'll just skip to the end too and head right for the HOT TUB.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. Unfortunately, this facility doesn't have a hot tub. I have noticed that I do get in some exercise while riding especially longer distances. I think I can use all the help I can get and maybe if I'm paying for access to a facility, I may be more motivated to use it.

    Thank you for visiting.