Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sesame Street Turns 40

I think that the series of images on the Google home page for the last couple of days is interesting. It sort of shows the generation that many Googlers are part of i.e. younger than me (sigh...) I was "too old" for Sesame Street when it first came on (not to mention that we barely received PBS, KCET uhf channel 28). In case you didn't know, Sesame Street turns 40 today, November 10th, and, I'm afraid to say, I remember when it first came out. I don't ever remember watching it at all back then but as my own kids were growing up, it was a very popular show in our home. Unfortunately, I can remember many of the characters that I disliked mostly because of their whiny voices or the character really seemed "dense" but few favorites. The most notable favorite is Kermit. I also liked the adults on the show and enjoyed many of the guests over the years. I salute them for 40 years on the air.


  1. I've been watching some of the Sesame Street retrospectives and I'm amazed at the number of big name stars who visited the "Street." I babysat a nephew and we watched Sesame Street rather religiously. If I now hear a SS tune, it is in my head for the rest of the day. Great program. Great milestone. And a rather unwelcomed reminder of just how old I'm getting. BTW, my nephew is now a father with two children of his own. Undeniable evidence that the years have been long...Nice post and nod to SS!

  2. Sojourner rides,

    Thank you for stopping by. At first I was a little puzzled by all of the different Google graphics about SS until I realized that most of their employees are from the generation raised on SS.