Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Smokey Walk

This afternoon, I took another long walk. This was partly because I forgot my pre-lunch medication and walking seems to do wonders with moderating my blood sugar. It is still very smokey with visibility under a mile so I went out of my way to not exert myself. It sounds strange to hear myself say that but I really tend to push myself these days when exercising. I started out heading to lower campus and ended up on the West Ridge ski trails. I hadn't walked through the Potato Field out to Smith Lake this year so it seemed like a good idea. I also walked around the perimeter of the T-Field and noticed that there was a lot of activity that I am assuming is associated with some sort of research project. Last month, I noticed a lot of tubes with some sort of tree outside of the greenhouse located near the Butrovich Building. These look pretty similar to whatever they were working on there. Anyway, I got in a good seven miles overall which is less than I would like but given the miserable air quality, it is probably a reasonable number of miles. Usually, while walking on the trails, I see al of other people out walking or running but today, not so many. It is supposed to be raining soon especially since the fair starts this weekend. After all, it always seems to rain during the fair.

Tuesday evening - The smoke seems to have gotten even worse if that was possible. I heard that in addition to the fires to the south and west, there is now one in the Murphy Dome area to the northwest. We are getting surrounded. Maybe I need to ride out towards Chena Hot Springs to find some relief from the smoke. I heard today that some runners were heading out towards Eielson Air Force Base to escape the smoke.

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