Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another WIN Walk

I just got back from WIN Walk number 9. Participation in ten are required to get the big prize. A water bottle. Isn't it amazing what some of is do these days. For me that was just enough of an incentive to show up for the noon and 5 pm walks for five weeks. I sort of had a conflict today bit it was important enough to me to leave the call-in early so I could make it down to Wood Center for the start of the walk. It is still really smokey but it isn't hovering at ground level. It is thick enough so you can't see the sun and temperatures today are pretty cool especially compared to yesterday.

Wednesday Evening - I went on the evening WIN walk (number 10 - enough for the water bottle!) that started from the Patty Gym. The smoke was getting worse so we only went a couple of miles. Just down the road past the farm and back. This picture is taken from our back deck and those trees in the distance are only a couple of hundred feet away. On the drive home, I would guess that the visibility was under ¼ mile. Hopefully, things improve overnight.

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