Monday, December 15, 2008


I went skiing again this evening on the west ridge trails at the university. We had gotten quite a bit of fresh snow and, more importantly, it warmed up into the teens. I went to the T-field, which was past the lit trails. Because of the cloud cover, there was plenty of light reflecting from town to see the tracks so I went a couple of times around the field. I was tempted to go down the Baseline Winter Trail but reports of moose in the area convinced me otherwise. I did see two moose, a mother and a calf, in the middle of the Potato Field which is next to Smith Lake. It wasn't as warm as predicted by the weather guessers so I called it quits after about 8 miles. Maybe I should try skiing during daylight. Not that it's any warmer but at least you would be able to see the moose on the trails and more people are around. I do like the solitude but worry a bit about possibly injuring myself. The waxless skis were much slower in the fresh snow than my old pair but it was much less hassle. That's worth something. Tomorrow, I head back to Barrow for a couple more days to finish up some loose ends on the VoIP system. I think I've been spending about 90% of my work time on the Barrow project. Definitely not complaining. I really need to get the secondary sip proxy configured the same as the primary server. I made so many changes at one time on the primary that it is difficult to remember them all.

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