Monday, December 22, 2008

Solstice Sunrise

Facing towards that Alaska Range just before sunrise from West Ridge at the University. I think it was around 11:00 or so, and incredibly clear. I just had to take a picture even though I knew that the cell phone camera wouldn't do a very good job. I don't remember the day but I think it was last week before heading to Barrow. While in Barrow, I would completely loose track of the time so I wasn't able to get any pictures. It was incredibly quiet up there so I managed to get a ton of stuff done. I'm still debugging the "dial by name" feature as well as trying to figure out call forwarding. This has been a real challenge debugging these VoIP issues especially remotely. I looked at the CDR for the last couple of days and I must have made hundreds of calls (mostly to myself) testing and retesting. Actually fun and challenging.

Unfortunately, no exercise since the college is shut down and walking/jogging is really discouraged due to all the wildlife running around the area. I saw an arctic fox that I think is living under the NARL Hotel. There have been a lot of polar bear sightings but I didn't see any on this trip. I stayed in the same hut as the last two visits. No complaints at all.

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