Friday, August 10, 2018

Tanana Valley State Fair

The “senior” admission to the fair was only $5 which seemed reasonable to me. All of the fairs in Alaska call themselves “State Fairs” but they are more equivalent to local or county fairs. I had heard that there wasn’t much there and they were right. Maybe half the normal number of vendors, a smaller midway, and many long-time vendors were absent. Last year, a friend from Anchorage with a booth had mentioned that the rental rates were increasing and the number of days open was reduced. He was thinking that it wasn’t worth coming up anymore. He wasn’t there. 

Some of my favorite food stands like the grilled corn and the halibut/corn fritters booths were there. But no lines or crowds anywhere. One of the pavilions had entertainment with maybe 2-3 people in the audience. That must be discouraging to the acts performing. 


  1. Makes you wonder if the organizers will figure out that the changes don't seem to be Beautiful blue sky day though!

    1. No, I don’t expect that the organizers recognize that they are the problem...