Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mid-week Update

On Monday morning, I was flying to Anchorage for a meeting and took this snapshot of the Tanana River. It definitely looks like Fall here in the interior with hardly any shade of green remaining. Even though it does look a bit dreary, the weather in Anchorage was cold and wet. At least it was dry in Fairbanks.

Tuesday was spent upgrading devices to the new iOS. The 9.7" iPad Pro was registered in the Apple Beta program so it received the update last week. Today was the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Both went without incident though the watch update process took several hours. I think it was because the new OS was transferred to the watch via Bluetooth.

I'm still digging into them looking for any real benefits. The new Siri watchface (pictured) is probably not one of the real benefits though Siri on the watch has always been much better than on the phone. I've been running the public iOS betas since July and like the new features though it seemed to increase battery consumption. Hopefully that has been addressed in the final release.


  1. You are so good at updating. I just keep clicking not now. I think I am an OS or two behind on iMac at home and my iPad2 is so old it doesn't update anymore, maybe that is why the iPad crashes every 2-3 minutes.

    1. Most of the updates contain fixes for security related vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, many hardware vendors don't provide updates for older hardware. The main limitation is the processor and memory. If you are on at least iOS 9.3.? then I think you have the latest supported version. The apps crash often possibly do to the memory limitation or maybe they are trying to access features of one of the later iOS versions.