Thursday, January 19, 2017

Heading North to Escape the Cold

I'm in the airport again waiting for my flight north looking at the ice fog. It's about 10:20am so just a little bit after the scheduled 10:15am sunrise. Last night, we dropped my mom off at the airport in time for her 9:30pm flight and at check-in, they moved her to the 8:07pm flight since the 9:30 flight was already delayed. Later, both the 8:07 and 9:30 flights were cancelled and she did not get on her way until 6:10am. I'm sure that wasn't how she wanted to spend her evening. We hadn't heard anything from her directly but a friend of ours was on the morning flight and emailed us to let us know what happened.

I still have several hours until my flight to to Utqiaġvik, the village formerly known as Barrow, through Deadhorse where there is a three hour layover. I believe that tomorrow will be the first sunrise in Barrow since November though the iPhone weather app seems to be confused. It shows sunrise at 3:00pm and sunset at 2:24pm for a negative 36 minutes of sun. Maybe there is something about that that makes sense. At -21°F (-29°C), it's quite a bit warmer than here. They are using the small Bombardier planes now instead of the 737s and they seem to be having more mechanical delays. I think that maybe the 737s were sturdier but that's just my opinion. Hopefully my flight isn't cancelled as planes get repurposed. There are a lot of people sitting in the airport due to cancelled flights to Anchorage.

Update - Not cancelled or even late. But only four us got onto the plane for a grand total of eleven passengers to Deadhorse. And one more picture from the Deadhorse airport looking at their almost sunrise/sunset. It's the same temperature here as it is in Fairbanks, -41°.

HDR as we passed over the Brooks Range


redlegsrides said...

Sounds like air travel in AK is having issues....or is it just Alaska Air having these issues. They renamed Barrow eh?

RichardM said...

I don't know if it's just Alaska Airlines. But a lot of the delays is from planes coming from elsewhere being delayed or cancelled. And voters in Barrow opted to change the name. The vote was something like 381 to 375.

SonjaM said...

Only a true Northerner would call -21°F warm ;-)

RichardM said...

After -40°, just about anything feels warm. I think the threshold is around -30°F. Below that things start to break. Especially mechanical things.

Trobairitz said...

Do you find it slightly ironic that you had to go further north to warm up?

How do you pronounce the town fka Barrow?

RichardM said...

Very ironic and many in Fairbanks were surprised to hear that it was warmer up here. But then again, there is usually a "breeze" to cool things down much lower than the air temperature indicates.

Pronunciation? Just like its spelled. Here is a pronunciation page.