Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hanging Around Corvallis

Red/orange. A leaf color that we don't get very much of in Alaska. Even here in Corvallis, it doesn't seem really common. I stopped here to visit family for a couple of days. Since I was done with the trailer on Friday evening, I was able to head south for Oregon on Saturday morning. I was somewhat surprised that I was able to stop by Coffee Culture to visit with Troubadour and Trobairitz during their regular saturday morning coffee meetup. Hardly any traffic on I5 on this Saturday morning.

On Sunday evening, I was looking around on a restaurant app and discovered an Old Spaghetti Factory in Corvallis. I didn't know that there was one here. It turns out that it's only been here for about a year. It is located in a remodeled train station that had been moved from it's original location near the tracks to it's new location closer to river.

On Monday evening, I had the opportunity to have Indian food with some pleasant company. There isn't an Indian restaurant in Fairbanks so this was a real treat. And the food and company was great. When I texted this picture to Bridget her reply was "Is that all you guys do?  Eat?".

There was actually a little more text in her reply "Tell all hi.  I'm busy making new seating charts." but it didn't add humor as the first part did. Right now, I'm sitting in the Portland airport. I was hoping to get an earlier flight to Seattle and Alaska Air came through again with on 1 1/2 hours earlier. The ticketed flight had a very short layover in Seattle and I was concerned that my luggage wouldn't make the switch to the Denver flight.


SonjaM said...

Glad you could meet, Richard. Good company and Indian food (my favourite!). What's not to love. Will you be able to meet Dom while in Denver or is it just a stopover on your way back?

Trobairitz said...

It was a great surprise to see you on Saturday and even better to have dinner with you last night.

Sorry Bridget couldn't be there but we had to tease her with the picture.

Say hello to Dom for us.

RichardM said...

Yes, Dom picked me up at the airport and I had a dinner with him and Martha. Now at the hotel.

RichardM said...

It was great to visit again. Thank you for dinner!

Unknown said...
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David Masse said...

Always nice to see bloggers get together.

Sadly, unlike yourself and Sonja, Indian food doesn't rate too high for me. I love the desserts though, and the nan bread of course, and curried lamb and beef... OK I guess I do like Indian food.