Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ural Tech Day?

I've had several parts for BruceW's Ural that were ordered as part of my engine overhaul parts order last March. We are finally getting around to installing them. BruceW rode from his home in Nenana on Monday morning (22°F), which is about an hour west of Fairbanks. A cold ride without a windshield or heated gear! After warming up, we installed a deep sump oil pan that is sold by Ural, an extended oil pickup from Crawford Sales in southern Michigan and the spin-on filter conversion also from Ural.

The oil pan swap went pretty smoothly and it increases oil capacity from 2 quarts to a little over 3. The extra oil is not really needed for cooling but I think it may extend the life of the engine. Adding the extended pickup allows the oil pump to continue to pick up oil even when the level in the pan drops such as in colder temperatures. The spin-on filter conversion requires you to remove and replace the front engine timing cover. The allen screws were carefully removed and we celebrated when none broke though some were pretty tight. The PowerArc ignition assembly also needed to be removed to get the old cover off. Assembly was the reverse with new gaskets and anti-seize on the new screws. This was a good opportunity to show him how to set the timing as part of the PowerArc re-installation.

After adding oil, we warmed up the engine in preparation to balancing the carbs with his Harmonizer. We then noticed that only one of the carbs had a vacuum port and one of the compliance fittings was leaking. I had a spare compliance fitting so we went ahead and swapped it. The engine ran much smoother and even without the Harmonizer, you could tell that the throttle on the left carb was opening up after the right. After some small adjustments to the left throttle cable to reduce the slack, the engine seemed to run much smoother. And no more popping from the small leak in the compliance fitting. BTW, the compliance fitting is a rubber collar that connects the carb to the intake port on the cylinder head.

Bruce's Ural had a lot of mods from the former owner of Raceway, Jim Petitti, including non-stock carbs. That evening, we went to the Howling Dog for the monthly Airhead meetup. Three Urals and about five motorcycles on this chilly evening. 


redlegsrides said...

A carburetor without a vacuum port? weird but you did say it was non-stock carbs. I still get some popping on my 2014 but suspect is the way I mated a HD muffler to the 2-into-1 header pipe from Raceway. If only these URAL engines were pressurized in terms of oil distribution, bet they'd last much longer.

RichardM said...

He has the high performance carbs that Raceway sells. Only one had a vacuum port.

A pressurized oil system would do wonders. Now, you have to rely on volume. That could potentially be the advantage of the Raceway oil pump.

Learning to Golf said...

I don't think I have ridden without a windshield for at least 40 years and don't see it ever happening. I am Spoiled with a capital S. BruceW is hard core to the bone and chilled there also.

RichardM said...

A few years ago he rode from Ketchikan to Clear (past Fairbanks) in January on the Ural. Hundreds of miles at -30°F to -40°F. That time he and the monkey (Simon, a spelunker from GB) had heated gear and windshields. I think the monkey was a lot colder since he couldn't move around as easily.

SonjaM said...

Pretty good outcome given the chilly temperatures. I learned to appreciate a windshield last year while riding through Canada's Eastern provinces. However, for me it will always remain an ugly accessory.

RichardM said...

And, BruceW rode back to Nenana after the AIrhead get together arriving back home pretty late. But I think the aurora was out so there may have been a great view.