Monday, September 7, 2015

Richard says, "Get your own post!"

But I don't have anything to say everyday, besides he already has lots of readers.  I started a post mentioning that I don't ride the Beemer because I feel like I'm riding a jack hammer.  It started to get long winded, so I thought I'd post to his big post.
I'm going to mention what we did yesterday, which he will probably post tomorrow.  He's currently at the local bar, not coffee shop, hanging out with Airheads.
Yesterday we were going to spend a meal with friends.  I said, "Why don't we take the Ural?"  Richard had thought I wouldn't want to go because I would have the crock pot at my feet.

*side note.  In the crock pot was Delicious stuffed cabbage.  Now there's lots in the freezer for school lunches.

I didn't mind the crock pot because it is one of those locking lids.  I took a few beautiful fall pictures from their house that I hope Richard posts tomorrow.  I noticed it was getting dark.  It is that time of year that it sets around 8:30-9:00, and kind of surprises me.  It was a rather cool ride back, but I survived.  Still better than 103 degrees.  Our beautiful fall usually lasts about a week.

Back to work tomorrow, but it is a four day week!  Stitches finally off on Thursday.


  1. Actually I said "Maybe you need to start your own blog".

  2. Well, Bridget, me thinks it is about time you start your own blog. You could write from your experience as a pillion or hack monkey, eh?

  3. I concur. You can start your own blog about riding pillion/monkey like Sonja suggested. My blog started when I was a pillion rider, oh so many years ago.

    And of course we'd love to see your point of view and pictures of flowers, etc.

    I like to think of it like journal with what is happening in life.