Sunday, January 11, 2015


I arrived home on Saturday evening from southern California and fly north tomorrow. So I had one day to get in a couple of videos and some miles. Lots of little loops added to all of my errands for the day even though the temperature was a very mild 21°F. Chalk another fine week to climate change. All of the cold weather headed to the midwest and east coast. It definitely isn't around here anymore.

The rules only allow one video per day for scoring on the PBC site so I'll work on the other videos while I'm in Barrow. Uploading them will be a hassle due to the limited bandwidth and high latency of the satellite connection.

I ended up making three videos. Here is the first one.


  1. Nah, not obsessed at all.....says the guy wishing for some more snow ....

    1. On your photos it looks like you have plenty of snow. Some cooler weather would be nice. I always get concerned when it warms up near freezing in January.