Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Activities

Mornings are starting to get colder as Summer fades to Fall. Fortunately, it has continued to be nice and sunny and I have managed to meet my fifty mile walking goal for the week. This week is also the last week for the WIN for Alaska walks. These are "sponsored" walks led by a health consultand funded by the university as a health benefit. I think that I will just barely meet their minimum participation to get the incentive prize. Like I said earlier, I need some sort of carrot to get me moving.

Yesterday, my oldest son and I tore out all of the tile in our downstairs bathroom. Individual tiles were falling off of the wall. It turns out that the previous owner used plywood behind the tile and I believe that this is the wrong material.

On Sunday afternoon, a group of riders from church rode out to the Monderosa Bar & Grill in Nenena. I led the group down a twisty route on the Old Nenana Highway as an alternative to the Parks Highway (the main road between Fairbanks and Anchorage). The diverse group was made up of five cruisers, my old Beemer, a Tiger 800 dual sport and a Goldwing. I'm not sure all of the riders enjoyed my alternate twisty route. I remember well the first couple of times I rode to the Monderosa and it seemed like a long trip. Today, the fifty miles seem to pass in a blink of an eye. The twisty route was a lot of fun and I thought that it was a nice alternative to the highway though, at ten miles, it was too short. I think I've been spoiled. The hamburgers at the Monderosa really are some of the best in the state and worth the ride. Plus the weather was perfect for riding.

My last activity for the day was replacing the bar and chain on my 28 year old Stihl chainsaw and removing an eye sore from our front yard. I have been procrastinating removing this tree for years, no over a decade would be more accurate. My excuse has been needing a new bar and chain as I think I've sharpened the chain so many times that there wasn't much material left. Now it is up to my son to break down the tree and load it into the truck to haul away.


Bluekat said...

I like to see groups of riders with a mix of bikes. Not sure why it makes a difference, but it does.

Time sure flys. Seems like we were struggling to get the warm weather here, and already there are signs of autumn right on summers heels.

VStar Lady said...

Sounds like a productive weekend - plus a ride. Impressive! (Where's the picture of the hamburger?)

Unknown said...


when I first looked at your weather forecast I thought WOW, so HOT up there. I mean it's only 24° down here and it's getting Hotter later this week. But then I realized its fahrenheit not celcius.

we had tiling done and they used waterproof gyproc/rock board. Water may have gotten between the tiles rotting the plywood behind.

You are the pro of Twisties, that's why you were selected to lead the ride. You'll have to plan a trip for next year . . .

+2 for the hamburger photo

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RichardM said...

We were definitely quite a mix. Even among the cruisers there was quite a mix though some had removed all badging and decals. It looked really clean...

At least the leaves haven't started to change yet.

RichardM said...

As usual, I don't think of taking pictures but it was really good. I think I've always get the same thing. Jalapeno-pepper jack cheeseburger with a salad.

RichardM said...

It did get up to 70°F in the afternoon but it was cool again this morning. You could see fog in the wet lands between our house and town but I haven't figured out a good location for a photo.

Some waterproof material is what you are supposed to use not just plywood. There is little evidence of water damage besides some stains right along the bottom.

I used to ride my bicycle on that road all the time in the past but there used to be quite a few gravel sections. But I heard from another rider last week that it was in beautiful shape with all of the repairs and repaving completed.

Trobairitz said...

Wow, you've been busy. It is nice to get some projects started and/or out of the way.

Plywood isn't the best base for tile, you'll want cement board. Heavy and hard to cut.

The cooler morning temperatures sound nice. We are heading into a heat wave. Thursday is supposed to be 100. Ick blah.

RichardM said...

I wasn't planning on replacing the tile with tile.

The cool morning and evening temperatures is nice, especially since I'm trying to walk more. !00°F in Corvallis! That's ridiculously hot!

Conchscooter said...

I watch Netflix movies while I exercise. It takes my mind off the tedium. Yet the movie encourages me to take up the dumb bells. Whatever works. I just rode a thousand miles on the Bonneville without dying and I attribute that to exercise. Another motivator. Good luck I have to add as 41 is the lowest recorded temperature in Key West.

RichardM said...

I used to watch TV while walking on the treadmill but it, the treadmill, died a few years ago and hasn't been replaced. I think a new one is due since I cancelled my gym membership. The only equipment I ever used on a regular basis was the treadmill.

And being able to ride without any aches and pains is a great motivator but until now, I never associated the two. Thank you!