Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 18 - Baker City iMBC2012

This morning after a really deluxe free breakfast at the hotel (potatoes, eggs, sausage), I headed over to the campground where Bobskoot and VStarLady camped out. It was actually a very nice campsite with lots of grass and nice shade. At about 11:00 we heard from Erik and got ready to meet him at his hotel. We had lunch at a diner with a decent salad bar.

After lunch, we headed back to the campsite where we sat around getting to know each other. I had only met Bobskoot before a couple of years ago in Bend and had only started following the other two recently. Erik is in the red tank top, then VStarLady, the Bobskoot on the right. It was a very pleasant afternoon. About 4:00, we heard from SonjaM and Roland that they had arrived in town and had just checked into the hotel.

Around 5:20, I headed over to the hotel to check in and saw Troubadour and Trobairitz looking out the window probably wondering who was messing with their bikes. After cleaning up, we walked down the road about ½ miles for dinner at a wonderful "bowl" restaurant followed by some coffee. I had a spicy Thai vegetables with pork over brown rice. Very tasty. Starting from the left in the photo, Troubadour, Roland, SonjaM, Erik, Trobairitz, Bobskoot and VStarLady.

Another shot from a slightly different angle showing the others. This really is international as the Canadians outnumber the Americans. SonjaM had wonderful embroidered patches made to commemorate the event.



  1. Great to see you guys all together. Very exciting, I wish I could be there as well.

  2. Wish I could be there too, but burned all my time off earlier :-)

    1. Hey, Chris,

      This is Bridget in Fairbanks. Richard and I were talking about how I need to come down some spring when school is out for Reuben so I can have a good motorcycle lesson. I really enjoyed your visit up here. Sorry it was between big life events and I wasn't quite prepared to visit much. You are welcome to come anytime.

  3. Can you take a pic of the patch? Anonymous Wife

  4. Didn't we have a blast? It was great to see you again.