Friday, June 22, 2012

I Think I'm Ready to Go

In an earlier post, I had mentioned that I ran my spare clutch cable right next to the existing cable and there was a bit of confusion. This picture may help show what I meant. The two cables are zip tied together and there is a tiny dab of grease to keep water from entering the cable housing. I also put a dab of grease on the barrel which attaches the cable to the lever. If it isn't greased, the clutch cable could bind and eventually fray. But it looks to be in very good condition and I don't expect any problems from it.

The next thing on my non-existent list was to recheck the valve adjustment again as it sounded like one valve was a bit loose. One exhaust valve was about 0.003" loose but the rest were about a thousandth too tight so I ended up adjusted them all slightly.

I tried to find a place to mount the new "Sceaming Banshee" horn but it's pretty tight under the fairing. I'll mess with it this winter. What is unique about this air horn is the electronic module that allows you to retain your stock set up. Short button presses will use the stock horn but hold the button down and the 139db Stebel Nautilus kicks in after a ¼ or ½ sec. Not that it'll do much good based on other research.

I think that I've run out of things to check on the bike before taking off and the only item on my list that I don't have is a first aid kit. I added a couple things since posting such as the clutch cable, spare fuel line, and a half bike cover. The cover is just something to make me feel more at ease if I want to leave my bike somewhere say in a restaurant or hotel parking lot. I've also been rearranging stuff such as not putting a potentially wet tent with my sleeping bag. Next Wednesday, I need to go back to Barrow for several days but still planning on taking off July 3rd. Only 10 more days!


  1. A pre run spare clutch cable is an old biker trick, and a great idea. When they break, it's always at the worst time. If your breaks on you, you're all set!

    1. I remember reading about it a while back and it made a lot of sense to me especially with an old bike like mine. I think I've checked all the wearing bits and pieces. Looking forward to meeting you in OR next month. And I saw that you were taking good care of George F in his last post.

  2. Only 10 more days. How will you contain your excitement.

    Speaking of first aid kit, I can tell you after dealing with a slice through my right thumb pad for the last week that Nu Skin or liquid bandage does wonders instead of band aids and comes in a very small bottle. I am thinking of putting it in a small Ziploc and taking it with us next road trip.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. It sounds like a great thing to have.

      The ten days will probably go quickly since three of those days will be in Barrow.

    2. Trobairitz:

      OUCH ! My smashed finger from last month is shedding its nail. I am trying not to catch it on anything, cause if it rips off, it may hurt. Then last week I smashed my right finger and it hurt for days.

      . . . and I thought that I was the clumsy one

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    3. EEEWWW! I lost a nail on my big toe when I hit an antelope in '06. It turned purple/black and I didn't know it was going to fall off until I bumped my toe one day and felt something weird in my sock...