Thursday, December 8, 2011

San Francisco - Part 2

Starting out the post with a food pic. On Wednesday evening, I thought that I should get some carbs as I was feeling really run out. I used the Urbanspoon app on my phone and it came up with Coco Bang. It was a tiny Korean restaurant but the food was really good. Maybe a good sign was that I was the only patrons speaking english.  Dinner was pot stickers and bibimbap as well as an assortment of spicy treats. No smoking hot stone bowl but still pretty good.

During lunch break today, I visited the local BMW dealer since I had heard about it on SideStand Up, a motorcycle podcast (and soon to be syndicated radio show). It was only about a mile or so from Moscone but was in an area where I'm not sure I would want to be walking around in at night. They had a pretty nice collection of bikes including some used bikes. There was even an airhead for sale. An early 90's R100GS. But their asking price was pretty steep.

They had a really nice customer lounge complete with flat screen, free sodas, water and gourmet coffee. The leather furniture was pretty comfortable and was a great place to spend my lunch break. I managed to escape without spending a cent. Though I must admit that I wasn't even tempted. Much...

The AGU meeting is going on through Friday. Crowds seem to be always crossing through this intersection as Moscone West and Moscone South are on diagonal blocks. Today, there was a preview of an upcoming PBS series on global warming called Earth, the Operators' Manual. The difference from  some other shows on the same topic is Richard Alley, a research faculty member from Penn State who has been described as “a cross between Woody Allen and Carl Sagan”.  No politics, just research. At least that's the goal. During the session, he was very animated and an excellent speaker. He mentioned a lot of arguments that they hope to finally put to rest. They even had footage of Bernie Karl, the owner of Chena Hot Springs in Fairbanks, showing off his low temperature geothermal power plant. They are hoping the series will be shown on PBS April, 2012. They mentioned that the first of three shows is viewable on their web site.

I started this post with food so I may as well end the same way. This evening, I was out wandering around looking for something interesting and discovered a middle eastern restaurant called Yemeni. This is Meza, the appetizer sampler, with bread. The food was phenomenal and the flat bread was freshly made. I followed this up with the grilled lamb over rice which was equally good. I haven't had much middle eastern food so I don't have much to compare it with but I liked it.


  1. Pffft! Having fun, eh?
    Oh well, usually I can see some sights during my travels, too. The last pic looks especially tasty.

  2. Richard:

    Not Bad, 40% food content and where's the photo of the R100GS, my favourite bike. All we get are waiting room chair photos from the BMW lounge.

    We've never had middle Eastern Food but it looks good

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Good food, and some nice exploring. The food looks wonderful. I don't think I've had Korean or middle eastern food.

    Nice job escaping BMW with your wallet unscathed. It's a dangerous thing, wandering into motorcycle shops.

  4. Sonja:
    "Pffft!" Is that German? ;-) The Meza was very good and the bread was phenomenal.

    The R100GS there was kind of beaten up and crowded with other used bikes. I didn't know that it was your favorite bike. Why don't you have one? If it was on of the PD models it may have been worth what they were asking. I've only had middle eastern food in Washington D.C., Pasadena and yesterday (the falafel stand in Fairbanks doesn't count). But in all cases, it has been very tasty and worth looking for.

    To me, one of the best things about visiting cities such as San Francisco is the diversity of food. You aren't stuck with just the chains. Since I wasn't shopping for anything, it was easy to escape the BMW shop with my wallet intact. Plus everything in there far exceeds whatever I had in my wallet.

  5. You can't hardly go wrong if it's got a fried egg on top...

    The food looks quite taste.

  6. GAW:
    Yep, have to agree with you. Bibimbap is one of my favorite dishes. It is usually server in a very hot stone bowl that cooks the veggies and you get a nice layer of crispy rice. I think that may be my favorite part.