Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No Longer Tropical...

I guess I spoke too soon when I mentioned that Fairbanks weather was so much warmer than Barrow. And no one really believed me anyway if I say that after a period of really cold weather, any positive temperatures (°F) feel pretty nice. Right now it is +10°F in Barrow over 40 degrees warmer than it is in Fairbanks. I'm not sure I really want to head back home tomorrow!

Thursday Morning - Updated temperature. This is not a good trend!


  1. Richard,

    I was complaining about 30F yesterday. I'll stop.

    As part of our previous conversation - it looks like either CO or CO2 is the byproduct of steam reformation after a bit of research. It depends on the method used, and also changes the amount of H2 you yield from your reaction.

    Also, I may think that everyone who moved to your state is crazy, but they seem to have good sense about the way things work in the world. Practical people, my kind of people.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  2. Funny how the weather did a switcheroo on you. Going to be chilly when you get back down Fairbanks. Brrrrr

  3. Richard:

    I can't even begin to imagine what -31°f feels like. It's around +3°c here and I had to change into my winter jacket and running shoes

    Your words always make us feel warm, keep it up

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. I must admit that it was quite surprise when I heard the the bottom dropped out in Fairbanks. Then again, I can remember many Thanksgivings (US holiday) when it would be 30 below but it usually doesn't last too long. The extended cold spell usually shows up in January/February time frame. It hits many people harder at that time since there isn't the holidays to look forward to....

    Bob, there are still people who wear Crocs and shorts when it's -30°F. Now that's crazy.

  5. I remember what -30 feels like and I can tell you I don't miss it in the least. You are a hardy soul, I couldn't do it, I am now wimpy. I would rather cope with the rain and chill of the West Coast. Hope you are keeping warm and spring comes fast!

  6. Did you hear that collective sound of chilled sighs and the rush of air as everybody moved their hands to turn up the thermostat?

  7. Dear Richard M.:

    We are having one of the warmest Novembers on record. I just got back from Lake Placid, NY, where it was 61 degress (F) last Sunday. It got warmer than tha the next day.

    Here on the Jersey Shore it is 47º(F) today, but expect to hit the 30's tonight. Still, it will be 60º again next week. Quite frankly, I prefer this to what you're getting now.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  8. Oh dear, Richard! I've no desire whatsoever to experience that amount of cold, much as I'd love to visit Alaska. Guess there's wind chill right on top of that too.

    Stay warm my friend!

  9. only 23 F here and still able to does it get cold up your way...

  10. Dar:
    Believe it or not, I'd much rather deal with the cold. The damp, dreary weather you are describing sounds miserable. It feels like a long time 'till Spring.

    Or throw another log on the fire...

    Yep, living near the ocean sound wonderful. Doesn't Lake Placid usually have a bunch of snow by now? I thought that the upcoming weekend was one of the big money makers for the resort folks.

    Geoff James:
    We rarely get much wind in Fairbanks especially in the winter. But I've been in Barrow when there would be a stiff wind to go with the really cold temperatures.

    Now is the time of year for the really hard core adventure types to ride to Deadhorse.

    Thank you all for stopping by and commenting...

  11. That is one heck of a web site...Doris Wiedemann & Sjaak. Yeah crazy going to Deadhorse but then again when one is prepared and has the guts it doesn't surprise me. It inspires us. If you don't mind I am going to use their site because you pointed me there on my Blog. Of course giving credit to your great BLOG here. Thanks for that link! Leslie