Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Revzilla's Contest

The folks at Revzilla are giving away $500 in merchandise in a contest described on this Posterous site. I'm in need of some replacement gear so here is my entry. Thank you to Fuzzy and the ScooterDiva for graciously bringing this contest to everyone's attention.

What does touring or adventure riding mean to you?

It started out as "this may be a good way to save a little money on gas..." but within a couple of weeks, that thought went out the window. Riding has quickly become more than just another transportation option. It is challenging and enjoyable and even the most mundane ride makes me smile. And though I used to really enjoy bicycle touring, motorcycle touring allows me to cover much more distance in the same amount of time so long trips are now an option. And for me, every ride is still an adventure.


  1. hey thanks for linking our BLOG...great site you got here! Advgrrls!

  2. Thank you for stopping by. I enjoyed reading about your trip to AK as well. Great writeup and pictures.