Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two Tanks of Gas

How did I manage to go through two tanks of gas without going anywhere? The weather guessers were predicting rain for the entire weekend so no trips were planned. It turned out to be a beautiful weekend with dark blue skies and temperatures into the sixties. I had to pick up some stuff from the strore and one little wrong turn leaving our subdivision somehow added a hundred miles to the trip. The only downside was that the vendor at the local farmers market was out of my favorite bread by the time I finally got there. Nice round loaves of whole grain raisin apricot. Similar trips were "required" throughout the weekend and before I knew it, I had to fill up a couple of times. There were a lot of other bikes out enjoying what's left of our summer and I ended up traveling over most of the major roads in our area. Out to Moose Creek to the east, Nenana to the west and Chatanika road house to the north. No food stops and no pictures. After all, I was just running to the grocery store....

On Monday evening, the Airhead group met at the on-campus home of Kevin and Annie for a barbecue. Kevin has been involved trying to very loosely organize the local BMW riders to at least have a first and last ride of the season. They will be leaving the state at the end of the month (retiring) for questionably warmer weather in Montana trailering their last three bikes (all BMWs) after shuttling the first two at the beginning of the summer. Another couple (retired) headed out this morning on their bikes for a 15K, two month road trip. They will be leaving their bikes down south and flying back to enjoy the holidays and Alaska winter. (Can you tell that I'm feeling a little jealous?) There was a pretty good turnout to see them off. Mostly fellow Airheads but there was a new Guzzi Norge, an K1200GT and a Yamaha cruiser in the mix.

Photo by Kevin Huddy

Pretty mangy looking group, eh? And ended the weekend with 382 miles of going nowhere.


  1. Those darn errants that force you to ride several hundred miles ;-)
    Yeah, I would hate that too... NOT!
    Glad you got out before the winter kicks in.

    We have crazy temps down here, still in the high 20's (Celsius), and if it weren't for the cool mornings you could think it's still summer.

  2. RichardM:

    Actually, with temps in the 60°F's I could ride more. With our heat you don't want to think abut ATGATT. Our morning air is just about perfect, but by afternoon you are melting. Hotter temperatures forecast later in the week. You have the advantage of less traffic, so getting out to the open road is simpler

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Heather accuses me of finding errands to run on the bike. I plead total innocence . . . but, wouldn't under oath :)

  4. Richard, I don't think there's anything wrong with your sense of direction....seems fine to me!

    Pesky errands, but hey, as long as riding was involved to them.... : )


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  5. Wow, that is good mileage for a weekend of going nowhere. I am glad you got some sunshine and warmer weather to end the season.

  6. The errands were a great excuse. After all, we really needed the two 39¢ outlet covers from Home Depot. Did it really take me 2 hours to pick them up?

    Thank you all for reading and commenting.


  7. That's why you need a GPS. As in, I'm planning a route for GPS. Greatest Possible Smiles.

    Although it sounds like you're doing fine without it.

    P.S. From you last post. I've been to the Artic Circle as a kid. It was a local hamburger fast good place. :)

  8. Dear Richard M.:

    Looking at all that lush grass and bright sunshine in Alaska (at the moment), I'm surprised you're not out on the road now, or riding the bike around INSIDE the house. Heaven knows the dark, cold weather will be on you soon enough.

    I hope to get to Alaska next year.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  9. Now that is absolutely the best type of weekend. And in your neck of the woods, trying to turn only rights to get to your destination can, of course, take you hundreds of miles around. :)

    I'm loving your temps and pictures!

  10. One wrong turn...sure! Famous last words of all motorcyclists. Funny how we need to pick up a few groceries...in New Jersey. :)

    Ooh, the word verification is 'latte' I think it's trying to tell me something!

  11. Dan:
    I had forgotten about the Arctic Circle fast food chain. I think the ones I remember going to were somewhere in Utah.

    This morning, the temperature sign at the entrance to the university said 32°F and while riding along the Chena River, small puddles along the side of the road were showing telltale signs of freezing (hazy surface).

    I've got to try that sometime, only turn right. Unfortunately, that pretty much describes my commute so minimal benefit there....

    According to Google Maps, 4,276 mi, 3 days 9 hours, to New Jersey. The milk may go bad before I get back. Also, I heard that there is already snow through the Rocky Mountains along the Alaska Highway so NJ is out.

  12. 382 miles and I could visit 5 countries in Europe! (and I have done)

  13. Nikos:
    Really!? I thought it would take days to travel across Europe. Maybe I need to relearn my geography.

  14. two tanks of gas with no real destination spells enjoying every minute riding that is made available in my book. Glad to know you're getting to enjoy good riding weather.


  15. Richard,

    I think this is the best way to use up a couple of tanks of gas. There's a lot of enjoyment to be squeezed out of those little drops of gas, or big ones, depending on your machine.

    But, bread with fruit in it? That's borderline cake, isn't it? If you smash it, put creme on it and call it a pastry I can do it... but fruit in bread? I would have let you keep it.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  16. Allen:
    It's starting to get cooler in the morning but as long as the roads are dry, it shouldn't be much of a problem.

    Bread with dried fruit is good, think buttered raisin toast. Yumm!

    Thank you both for stopping by and commenting.