Friday, August 26, 2011


One of the best things in Barrow has to be Osaka's restaurant. The quality of their sushi and sashimi is easily some of the best I ever had. Not just in Alaska but anywhere and I've tried a lot of places. This is the small sashimi plate and the chef added a salmon skin roll. The roll isn't even on the menu but is turning out to be one of my favorites. The salmon skin is lightly roasted before being rolled with the sushi rice so it is warm and crispy. Absolutely wonderful. The sashimi is very fresh and the flavor is incredible. I also received a scoop of rice with sesame seeds and seaweed sprinkles and a wonderful seaweed salad. The sushi chef brought that by after I had started to dig into this wonderful meal so it's not in the picture. This meal is kind of extragent but I think that having it once in a while it is a real treat. If you are ever in Barrow, be sure to try Osaka's.

I heard today from one of the project managers that the barges are just about done unloading. There is an incredible amount of equipment up here with what looks like miles of drill pipe. Someone must be planning on a lot of activity over the winter. No labels on the trucks but they are all yellow so maybe Shell? They've been having public presentations and some are rather upset with their use of the word "exploit".


  1. If aim ever in Barrow evacuating from a hurricane...or running away from a displaced polar bear, perhaps.

  2. Conchscooter:
    With all the global warming talk, maybe this will be the new Key West? I posted an ocean picture taken on Friday night to show how calm the seas are.

  3. Sorry, Richard but the arctic still looks frosty and uninviting to me, and I hope that it stays that way for a long time to make it difficult for more exploitation...

    The sushi looks very delicious, yum!

  4. The sushi looks awesome.

    Wonder if it is Shell that is going to be doing some drilling? 'Exploit' is never a good word.