Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Office Space

Last week, I received an update on the heads I sent down to be repaired at Porters Beemershop in CA. They have not started on them and there was a transmission overhaul and another set of heads in ahead of them. I guess that there aren't many mechanics able to work on these old bikes or it's a pretty small shop. There are a lot of positive comments on the shop so I'm not really concerned about the job they'll do. After all, it's not like I'm missing out on any riding. Tonight the forecast is for -45°F (-42°C). I think winter is finally really here.

There was some discussion of office space on Bluekat's blog post several days ago and I commented that my desk was sometimes hard to find. Since I straightened it up (sort of) I thought I should include a snapshot. Out the office door, through the double doors, hang a left and you are in the parking lot looking right at the "motorcycle parking only" area.
Not too long of a walk to the outdoors but not a window in sight. I generally leave the lights off except for the simple desk lamp since I am on the computer so much. It's seems to be harder on my eyes with the overhead lights on. Behind me is a telco rack filled with computers, network equipment, audio gear, VoIP servers and a pile of cables. There are also a number of VoIP phones to test new systems with. So dark in the morning, dark at night and light at lunchtime. Not much different from when I worked in CA...


  1. Aboslutely love the green shaded bankers lamp. I had one on my home/office computer desk back when I was self employed.

    I once had an employer that reasoned my office did not need heat as the server rack was in my office. When winter came and my office temp went below freezing, we had a "discussion".

    Here is hoping those head get completed before Spring arrives.


  2. Bravo!
    I can see your desk just fine. Sounds like you leave the lights off for the same reason I chose an office with no windows - less glare on the computer screen, easier on the eyes.

    Are you blogging at work!! :)

  3. Bluekat:
    Worse than that, I was on vacation that day and spent most of the day in my office.


  4. One reason I like night shift is the darkness outside the windows and in the Comm center there are just the three of us, and our desk lights give the room a glow. That and no bosses in the building at one am.

  5. Nice office Richard. I like the subdued lighting. It's pretty cool you get to work with Macs.

    Hope you get the heads back fairly soon so you can work on the bike!

  6. I hope those heads are completed in time for them to be installed prior to riding season coming around again!

    What is it with everyone having motorcycle parking? As usual the South is about 20 years behind the norm. The only places that offer motorcycle parking are motorcycle gear stores!

    Stay warm!


  7. Thank you all for stopping by and commenting.

    Allen Madding:
    Most of the servers in my office are off but the ones still on generate plenty of heat. Great in the winter but not too good in the summer.

    That is one of the reasons that I like my office at the end of the hall. People (bosses) don't stop by since it isn't on the way to anywhere.

    Macs have really caught on around the university some for the "wrong" reason. If you have a Mac, your computer is not part of the Windows domain. Local administration is good...

    Hopefully they get started on them sometime soon. I think that they only have one person (the owner) who does all the work on the old bikes.

    We lobbied for the motorcycle parking outside of this building as there are a bunch of riders here. Last summer we started lobbying for even more space as once you get more than 3 bikes per space, it gets pretty crowded. Then it started to rain a lot and the number of bikes dropped off dramatically. (The only ones on really wet days were the Beemers)

  8. Dear Richard M.:

    Your desk looks pretty pristine to me. Mine looks like the epicenter of a 400-pound hamster’s nest. And there is nothing like having personal parking with a stone’s throw of where you work. When I worked in an office (a company I owned), my secretary complained I kept it too cold in summer (with the air conditioning). She claimed her nipples were tearing holes in her blouses.

    I have primarily worked at home for 11 years, and worked solely worked at home for the past 15! That’s 26 years without having worked in the typical office setting. I have become set in my ways and thoroughly spoiled. I have a corner desk in the “library” with natural light precluding the need for a lamp during the day. In stead of a waste paper basket, I have a spittoon, that also serves as an ashtray.

    Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  9. Jack:
    thank you for stopping by and commenting. When my office gets to the hamster nest stage, it must be time to change offices. I'm on my 14th office during my 28 years at the university. One of these days I'll figure out what I want to do when I grow up...