Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Slacking off, Again!

After pushing myself fairly hard (at least for this time of the year) to win that last challenge, I was pretty well run out and haven't ran since. I did manage to get into the top 10 of the other beginner challenge and have just passed 300 miles since I got this gadget.

12/20/2007 - I thought about walking to the lower campus this morning to mail a package but the -38F temperature just wasn't very welcoming, so I took the shuttle bus. I haven't walked on the treadmill for several days due to kids needing to be run around here and there but that is just a handy excuse for the lack of motivation. I've slipped to 13th place in the other challenge after working my way up to 9th place (out of 900) so I'm still in the running so to speak. I guess everyone is slowing down this time of year even those in warmer climates. Maybe it's the holidays.

I finally did walk on the treadmill this evening for a couple of miles but I'm coming down with a cold and that's making it difficult to breath properly. So no jogging for a while I guess. I hope it passes quickly as I'm loosing sleep.

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