Friday, May 15, 2015

27,500 km Service

More just a note for myself than anything else. This is the checklist from the Ural owners manual. So far, I've put on just short of 10,000 km on the Ural since I picked it up on July 3, 2014.

  • Change engine oil - 20w50 synthetic blend and filter
  • Check final drive oil level - full. Changed at 20,000 km with Mobil 1 full synthetic 
  • Inspect air filter element - still looks clean and put the rubber sound dampener back in on the intake
  • Check fasteners for proper tightening.
  • Check steering column bearings - tightened the bearing ~⅛ of a turn. Did not grease.
  • Check adjustment of wheel bearings - Checked pusher when the tube was replaced. The sidecar tomorrow when I try to remove the sidecar stub axle. 
I had ordered a 5-pack of oil filters from Heindle Engineering in Ohio as well as a K&N air filter. I had cleaned the stock filter but didn't know how old it was. According to Heindle, the filter is in the mail. I had also ordered a Heidenau K28 sidecar tire and just received notice that I should have it by next week. It'll be great if I can get it before our trip to Talkeetna next week for the Alaska Sidecar Gathering.

Other maintenance or repairs done within the last month:

  • Checked the valve adjustment
  • Balanced the carbs
  • Adjusted the rear brake and installed wing nuts for easy no-tool adjustment
  • Adjusted the parking brake
  • Replaced the headlight (The Hella H4 got hit by a rock so I put the original Wagner bulb back in until I can get some sort of headlight guard)
  • Replaced the tube in the pusher
  • Checked the transmission oil level
  • Greased the U-Joints
Tomorrow, I plan on removing the stub axle from the sidecar as I believe the splines are worn out. I need to send a picture to Mickey, the Alaska Ural dealer, in order to get a replacement sidecar axle under the extended warranty. JedR, the owner of the new 2015 Ural, is planning to stop by and help out. He figures that he needs to learn how to wrench on these rigs.

2,555 km on the replaced speedometer. 


  1. Lots of tasks but none of them really hard, had to remove brake pedal rod to clean and grease today, it was sticking. Good to see new owner wants to learn.

    1. I had talked to Jed before he bought the Ural and emphasized the amount of regular maintenance that they needed and he was going to be the one doing it.

      More repairs and farkling today. And need to order more parts before the trip.