Sunday, August 2, 2015

Flooding Richard's post with flowers

Hello everyone.  My final installment of our trip on the coast.  The B & B we were at was urban, I had thought Astoria was another small town.  It isn't.  But the flowers were beautiful.  I doubt that Richard even saw them  There was also a monument on a lot next door that advertised the spot of the first PO west of the Mississippi.
I am typing this at the Portland Airport.  I'll be seeing Mom in a week when she flies north, and Richard in about 3 weeks.  As we were driving to the airport I saw some motorcycles in front of us. After a week of riding in the Ural I felt left out riding in a car.  I wanted to wave and be waved back.  One of the joys of riding was waving at the pedestrians gawking at the Ural and watching a big smile grow on their face.  I like making people happy.
I hope the beauty of these pictures puts a smile on your face, too.

The small windows on the top right was our room.  

Salem---shopping! What Richard didn't mention.

Richard's sister and I took Mom out shopping, an activity I rarely get to do in Alaska.  A lot of purchases happen on line.  Mom's brother has recently passed.  We bought her fabric for her to make a new quilt.  Us girls, including our niece, spent hours picking out fabric while the boys, including the Pomeranian Quincy, stood outside and chatted.  We then took Mom to get new sandals and something to wear at the wedding Richard will be going to next week.  She is a typical depression era lady that hasn't bought a new dress in 30 years.  Not exaggerating.
Richard's mom, Ayako, is 89.  She is very healthy and lives on her own.  I am looking forward to her visiting Fairbanks in another week.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Day 46 - Morning Coffee

On Friday evening, we had dinner with Trobairitz and Troubadour at Evergreen Indian  Restaurant in Corvallis. Thank you so much for dinner! It was wonderful. After dinner, we wandered along the riverfront looking for geocaches. We found one and one that was missing the log (needs maintenance) and gave up on the one that was in the "homeless encampment". 

On Saturday morning, we went to Saturday morning coffee at Coffee Culture on 9th street and met Bob & Lee in addition to Trobairitz & Troubadour.  Bob is the uncomfortable looking one with the helmet on. 

After coffee, we went into Salem for reasons unrelated to the Ural. Just to wander around the downtown shopping areas. It was warm but there was a breeze and the stores were mostly air conditioned. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon. Not crowded at all either. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

It's time for Bridget's pictures!

I apologize if there are duplicates of what Richard put in.
Most of the bridges along the coast had these concrete pillars.  

Here is a fish and a shrimp from the aquarium.

I apologize if there are strange spaces in this post.  All the pictures I wanted to put on came on together all mixed up.  Anyway, we spent a night at the Sea Quest Inn, a B & B that had wine at 5:30, and 5 course breakfast promptly at 9:00AM.  This is the view of the ocean from our room.

I took a hike along the beach and found strange looking things like this.  At first it looks just like a round clear plastic lid for sodas at a fast food restaurant.  Walking towards the water they were looking rounder.

Oh, it is a jelly fish.  There were hundreds along the beach.  I touched one like the one on the top with my shoe, and it rolled up like used cup cake or muffin paper.

These rocks hold tide pools.  In them I found beautiful green sea anemones.

Our host at the B & B suggested Ona's for dinner.  In fact, he suggested it to every guest, and called to make reservations for each of us.  I wonder if he gets free food there.  Richard had a salad with beets and asparagus among other things.  Mine was a green salad with crab.  I really like crab, but I don't like all the work to get the meat out of the shell.
I will be adding more pictures tomorrow!  Lots of flowers.