Tuesday, November 29, 2016

So Much Negativity

I don't see much to be positive about in this screenshot from this morning. Welcome to Fairbanks. We still don't have much snow yet. Actual snow depth on the ground may be 5" - 6" or so. We could really use a bit more to avoid frozen sewer and water pipes. It looks like it's going to be cold for a while.

We just arrived back home last night from our quick trip to PA. Since we wanted to arrive home before midnight, we had to return through Los Angeles. This made for more time in the air (more airline miles!). Maybe it'll be enough to bump me up to the next tier in Alaska Airlines loyalty program.

I stopped at College Coffeehouse this morning and was greeted with "Where's the bike?". It may be in the garage for a while as it probably won't be warm enough to ride (maybe +10°F) for a couple of months. Time to dig into some of those maintenance items...

Friday, November 25, 2016

RV Farkle?

Another zero moto content post. Is it still a farkle if it isn't installed on a motorcycle? It's kinda shiny. I took advantage of a Black Friday online sale (40% off!) to pick up this door lock for the RV. Even though I won't be installing anything until Spring, I figured that I may as well start collecting things that I wanted to install or change out. I've heard a lot of reviews of this door lock and being able to open the door without a key is more than simply convenient. Especially since we will be traveling with pets. Trying to break in to the RV after getting locked out would be stressful. It also includes physical keys and a small wireless remote.

I spent part of the long flight on Thanksgiving Day making a prioritized list of RV changes and additions. So far, priorities 1-5 have been defined ranging from "need" to "nice to have". Some of the accessories in the "need" category are things that I used on previous RVs but no longer have. I had just included them when we sold the last travel trailer as most of the items were getting kind of old. Priority 1 items are things that I have defined as safety related or essential. Things like water and sewer hoses, battery monitor, TPMS, bedding (mice got into the mattress), voltage and water pressure regulators and a second propane tank. Priority 2 items are things that I think we need to make a long trip less stressful. Examples of these items are deep cycle golf cart batteries, generators, a better converter, a large-ish inverter, LED lighting, Wi-Fi repeater and a backup camera. Generators is plural as two 2KW generators are easier to handle (lighter) and can be run in parallel if we need to run the A/C. Not to mention that sometimes it's nice having a "spare". Most of these priority 1 and 2 items will be aquired/installed before our trip this summer and some of them have already been picked up.

I spent a lot of time looking into installing solar panels to minimize generator usage and it is a priority 2 or 3 depending on the charge controller selected. The solar is also in the "interesting" category as it's something new to me. I still might try and install some solar before or trip this summer but maybe only do 200 watts instead of the planned 400. I originally had a cell phone booster as a priority 3 but dropped it to 4 since I don't "need" access to the Internet. The Wi-Fi repeater was left at priority 2 since it is relatively cheap.

Bridget and I are currently in PA on a quick trip to visit her dad. We left on the red-eye on Thanksgiving morning and arrived in Baltimore at 4:30 pm. Lots of time sitting in one place. But I still managed to get my activity circles closed (see previous post). And Thanksgiving dinner was at a Cracker Barrel. Here at the assisted living home the Christmas decorations are starting to line up. They are getting ready for the next major holiday.

BTW, this post was written using BlogTouchPro on the iPhone so pictures aren't "clickable". 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I really didn't feel like going out today. I must be getting soft in my old age. But I had at least one errand to do this morning. I needed to pick up something a little more comfortable than jeans for an airplane ride towards the right coast. Especially since my "minor surgery" last week is still making it somewhat painful to sit for any length of time and needing to occasionally take pain medication. I think that it may be a long plane ride.

Since I was heading into town, I stopped at College Coffeehouse and there were a couple of the regulars there. That's really when I realized what the temperature was. It made the coffee that much better. After coffee, I headed over to REI and picked up a pair of fleece pants. Very comfy and I was finally able to use up my dividend.

I tend to get caught up in things that may not mean much. An example of that are the exercise "rings" on my Apple Watch. Based on your activity during the day these rings gradually complete. The center ring is just from standing up for a few minutes every hour. The next ring is from some sort of activity such as walks and the outside ring is just estimated calorie consumption from everyday activity. Last month, I decided to at least try and "close the rings" every day. It seemed like a modest goal. Some would say that I am obsessed since the watch will remind you to stand up every hour.

The "rewards" are these little virtual badges that show up on the phone. So does this make me obsessed?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Road Grimed Astronaut

Look what showed up in the mail today from Aerostitch. Earlier in the week I got an email from Andy Goldfine (or more likely from a staff member) asking me how the Roadcrafter Light was working out. This was prompted by a couple of photos that Dom posted on his blog from the Garden of the Gods Park a few weeks back. I gave them some feedback and mentioned that it has been used almost daily over the last 2 1/2 years in temperatures ranging from -47°F to +107°F (-44°C to +42°C). There was a signed thank you note in the envelope along with the two patches and sticker.

One comment that I made was that when this riding suit eventually gets replaced, it will be with a Roadcrafter Classic instead of the Light. But that wouldn't be for quite a while. I am in the process of repairing the little pockets that hold the magnets in the collar. The material is actually worn through in a couple of areas like this.