Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Conference Food

Typical lunch at this conference. Grilled salmon (they also had something like tandori chicken), white bean ragout, cauliflower salad, cherry quinua salad, grilled vegetables and jasmine rice with pine nuts. A decent selection. Plus two or three kinds of dessert.

Last night, I finally made it out of the hotel and a couple of us walked towards downtown to try out the Weber Grill restaurant. As in, everything on the menu is cooked in a Weber grill. The food was really tasty, especially the pretzle rolls. Probably too much sodium, but I this is only the second time that I've been here. The last time was in July 2009 when the Internet2 Joint Tech meeting was in town. Tonight, five of us went to P.F.Chang which is a chain restaurant that had tasty asian food. (no pics = didn't happen = no calories?)

The keynote speaker on Monday afternoon was former hacker / engineer / CTO / CEO now venture-capitalist Harper Reed. He had shown this picture in the middle of the talk probably to get a response from the audience (it worked!). The talk was about pushing the boundaries and not accept the status quo. If you saw him on the street you wouldn't think most of those titles would fit but he was an excellent speaker with a great message.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Robot Video

This was an autopost. Hmmm, I need to look into that...


Just a shot of the view from the hotel window looking towards the downtown area. The wind had picked up some during the day but it was still above 70°F in the evening after a daytime high of over 80°F. I haven't had much opportunity to walk around outside as meetings or sessions ran from 7:15am to past 8:00pm. And it's pretty much the same all week.
Indiana Statehouse
Moving to the end of the hall, a quick photo of a baseball stadium. I'm afraid that I'm not at all familiar with many of the locations in the area. I still haven't even made it out of the building.
I just thought that it was a little odd to have a power plant in the middle of downtown especially being surrounded by the sport facilities. Though it doesn't look like it is operational maybe it's been turned into something else. I believe the large building in the background is Lucas Oil Stadium where the Super Bowl was held in 2012.
In the evening, there was a robotics demonstration just in case folks had never been involved in robotics. These robots were not autonomous and the challenge was to pick up a ball and toss it through the red rectangles above the folks controlling the robots. They were also using the opportunity to encourage some of the 745 tech types to get involved in the K-20 robotics programs.

As an aside, the network VP mentioned this morning that 60% of the traffic over the Internet2 layer 3 network (traditional routed network) is research and engineering traffic. This is the green in the graphic on the left. And total traffic is 61.79 petabytes (61,790,000,000,000,000 bytes) in the month of September. This does not include layer 2 traffic. This is equivalent to streaming 11 million movies in HD or downloading 19 billion songs.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Heading to Indianapolis

On Sunday afternoon, I left central PA and headed for Indianapolis. I know that I've been here before but it all only vaguely familiar. The last time, I stayed on the IUPU (Indiana University Purdue University) campus in their hotel management facility. This time, I'm near the convention center in a Marriott. Quite a change. This is the view looking towards downtown Chicago in the distance shortly after take off.

Over three hours waiting around the Chicago airport felt like a really long time. Especially since they seem to enjoy shuffling people around. I arrived at L6B, next flight was at G2B, then G21, then L6B. I was told that this was a common occurrence in Chicago. Kind of a long day for not too many miles. I just found out that Chicago to Indianapolis is only 183 miles. I could've driven there in less time. This is just a snapshot looking out the window while waiting for the elevator.

This morning, the 2014 Technology Exchange, sponsored by Internet2 and ESnet, began. Lots of familiar faces and quite a few new ones as well. Not too much going on this morning since they shuffled the schedule around a bit. One of the interesting announcements from Google last week with another two-factor authentication option using a physical USB key. The current time based system using their phone app works well as long as you have an accurate clock. I'm tempted to try it out though it obviously won't work on the phone app as there are no USB ports.