Saturday, November 28, 2015

Running Around Town

On Saturday morning, I headed into town with the customary stop at College Coffeehouse. BruceW from Ketchikan had sent me one of the few Alaska Airhead belt buckles still around. I needed a new belt so I planned to go to about the only leather shop that I know of in town.

I still have the chains on the pusher due to the heavy, wet snow on top of ice. But as you can see in the video, it is really bumpy going with all of the ice under the snow. Very bumpy especially when going over bridges.

I had gone into town to take advantage of the "Local Saturday" sales at the leather shop off of 2nd St. One of the few times when I actually went into town. Most of the video was taken while leaving the downtown area and circling back towards the university then home.

The next couple of pictures are for a post on SovietSteeds, the Ural forum, about my replacement straps for the chains.

This is the 1" x 12" heavy duty nylon cable tie with Velcro. The last 2" or so is the hook portion of the Velcro and the rest has the loop Velcro sewn on. The straps are too short to reach both of the chain bails so I sewed some nylon extensions between one of the bails and a stainless buckle I attached to the cable tie. The other end of the cable tie has a rectangular steel ring sewn onto the end.

I have my 1" long extension on the driveshaft side of the wheel since it is thinner than the cable tie strap when doubled over, Thin is needed to clear the driveshaft.

This is the other side of the chain. The rectangular ring is threaded through the wire bail on the chain and the free end of the cable tie with the hook Velcro is threaded through the rectangular ring and doubled back fastening the Velcro.

Not Quite Sunrise

There was a beautiful sunrise this morning. Unfortunately I can't really show what it looked like. This HDR picture doesn't even begin to reflect the dynamic range of the actual scene. I tried about 10 times to capture what I was seeing but gave up. This was about 30 minutes before the sun actually showed itself above the horizon. For most of the morning we had bright sun shining underneath the cloud layer since it never really rose that high in the sky. Today, the forecast was for rain. I'm not sure if we ever got any (I hope not) but I plowed another couple of inches of snow off of our driveway in the early afternoon. I didn't want it to all turn to ice.

Otherwise, another slow day. No black friday shopping for me just a run into the coffee shop in the morning. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Quiet Day at Home

Nothing much happened today. The only new items on the menu was a combination of roasted brussel sprouts, roasted butternut squash with cinnamon, dried cranberries and pecans. The squash was sweetened with a drizzle of maple syrup (well maybe more than a drizzle). And I tried stevia instead of sugar when I made the cranberry-orange sauce. The roasted veggie mixture was delicious but the cranberry sauce came out a bit pasty. I figured that stevia can't be used to make a simple syrup.

Now that I'm retired, "holidays" just don't have the attraction that they used to. In fact, today was a lot more work effort than normal. In addition to roasted veggies and cranberries, I made a "Good Eats" roasted turkey which was in a brine for about 24 hours before roasting, mashed potatoes, hawaiian rolls and the ubiquitous green bean casserole. This is like the 6th year I've made Alton Brown's version of roast turkey as the light meat is a moist and tasty as the dark. In our house, the light meat is usually ignored but not any more.

Only a bit over 5 hours of daylight today. It's only mid-afternoon and it feels like it's night. It has been snowing pretty steadily all day so there may be a few more inches of snow. Nowhere near the 7" that was being predicted yesterday. So far we've had 49" of snow since Sept 1st which is almost double the average. It seems like it was a good year to pick up the snow plow. It's a very therapeutic activity. Solitary, somewhat mentally challenging and very satisfying.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Yet Another Snowy Ride

Another snowy ride post. We got about 5" of snow last night and with the snow comes warm weather. I think it was about +25°F this morning.  Today, I tried putting the chains on the front wheel but they hit the rod anchoring the brake caliper. I didn't realize that there was so little clearance. I had just been focusing on fitting the chains on the rear wheel.

Anyway, I dug out the GoPro as it hasn't been used since my road trip. All of the batteries were dead and the powered back didn't seem to be working. So I dug out my modified case and mini-USB cable. It worked, sort of. The vibration and wind kept pulling the cable out of the GoPro as it was a pretty loose fit. A rubber band seemed to solve that problem for now.

I had deleted my Google Plus id as I didn't care for their interpretation of a social network. When I did that, it also removed all of my uploaded videos and I was no longer able to comment on YouTube. Whenever I tried to comment it would bring up a dialog box asking me if I wanted to set up Google Plus (which I didn't). Yesterday, I tried again and it let me set up a non-Google Plus account. All of my old videos were still there just tagged as private. So this was sort of a test.