Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Day 54

This morning we got a slightly earlier start and headed east from Mueller State Park to Pike's Peak. I didn't take any photos of the trip up to the summit so the first picture is of the cog railroad cars at the summit. This one was blasting its horn announcing to the passengers that if they wanted a trip down the mountain they better get back on board.

There is a large viewpoint with great views of the Colorado mountains in several directions. What was missing, at least as far as I could tell, were descriptive information signs telling you what you are looking at.

For the benefit of the train passengers, there is this non-official looking sign to pose by between the train and the gift shop. We did pose by it but I don't have any of those pictures. I've only been on a higher mountain once before. Mt. Whitney in California is about 400' higher. And that was back around 1980 on a hiking trip.

Here is the rest of the crew waiting for the cog railroad cars to take off down the hill. Shortly after this, we went into the gift shop in search of the Pike's Peak famous doughnuts. I'm not sure why/how they are famous. Just plain cake with no frosting or other adornments. We picked up a half dozen along with some other snacks enjoying not only Pike's Peak but also the wonderful company.

About 3 miles from the summit, there is a large dirt parking lot. Last October when we tried to make it to the summit, this was a far as we could go. Today was kind of hazy so no real long shots. In fact, my camera was having difficulty focusing. Infinity should be easy.

We made numerous stops on the way down for pictures. And there should be some video available some time as Martha filled up her phone with video. Bridget took a lot of GoPro video but I wasn't going to try and do any editing until we have some real Internet. Here at the state park, AT&T sort of works (4G) and Verizon has a couple of bars of LTE. Neither is very fast.

Another stop was this rock pile. If you look carefully, you can spot some people near the right side of the photo. You can see that these are some pretty large rocks.

Anyway, a huge thank you to Dom and Martha for meeting us at the campground and bringing the other side car rig. It was a lot of fun not only to be riding again but to spend time with you. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Day 53

A slight change of plans from yesterday's post. We headed Cañon City with the Google map estimate of 55 miles. After about 50 miles, we came to a sign that said it was 59 more miles. We kind of missed a turn. But it's a ride. It doesn't really matter. It felt great to be riding again. Today, I was on Fiona, Dom's BMW powered Ural rig. The additional 10 hp really makes a difference especially when climbing hills, headwinds and carrying a passenger. This photo was taken at a visitor's center along the way.

Before reaching Cañon City, we detoured up to Royal Gorge to take a look at the bridge and all of the development since the fire swept through. There is now a lot of development. After Royal Gorge, we stopped for lunch at a diner, visited the prison museum and then onto Skyline Drive.

Skyline Drive is a one way road along top of a ridge with drop offs in both directions just west of Cañon City. The pano was taken at a stop along the ridge top. This pic used without permission from Martha... (But it was posted on Facebook)

Tomorrow, Pike's Peak.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 52

This morning we left the RV park in South Fork, CO, and headed northeast to Meuller State Park on the western slope of Pike's Peak. The campground is at 9780' elevation. This evening, we got our first rain on the trip and it included thunder and lightning. An RV a couple of spots away was hit and it blew out a couple of the clearance lights on the roof and took out the ECU as well. We all learned that Good Sam's Roadside Assistance doesn't cover "acts of God" and refused their towing request. When we left them, they were on the phone with their insurance company.

We have met up with Dom and Martha of Redleg's Rides who are camped right across the street from the rig that got hit with lighting. They generously brought up both Urals so we could all go riding the next couple of days. The plan for tomorrow is up Pike's Peak if the weather is good. Further plans have not been made. For a more pictures, please visit

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Day 51

We left Mesa Verde National Park around 10:30am or so headed east through Durango, CO. I had looked into the Durango-Silverton narrow gauge train ride but it was a bit on the pricy side. Maybe some other time. We continued on to a small town called South Fork, CO, for no other reason than a campground listed on Passport America. For a single night stay it was 50% off their advertised rate or $16 including tax. A pretty good deal for full hookups. Plus, the Internet is better here than we've had in quite a while. And it's at 8160' elevation. More comfortable temperatures.

The trailer right turn signal fuse was blown again this morning and I believe I found the intermittent short. Green is the wire for the right turn signal and you can see bare copper showing through where it was rubbing the license plate. A little electrical tape will fix that problem.

As we were headed this way, we were puzzling why the GPS was saying two more hours for seventy miles. At this time we were pretty much cruising at or near the speed limit of 65 mph. Then we came to an eight mile grade up and back down Wolf Creek Pass (10,856 feet or 3,308 m). With a trailer, coming down isn't that much faster than going up. In case you don't remember, there was a well known C.W. McCall song from 1975 that made the pass famous more well known than it was before. I remember hearing it on the radio.