Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tasks Mostly Completed

Let’s see how I did with my tasks…

  • Remove RV house batteries 
  • Remove anything that has a battery 
  • Disperse de-humidfying buckets
  • Empty cabinets and leave all cabinet and refrigerator doors open
  • Cover RV
  • Install wooden frame for ballast
  • Move snowplow clean garage 
  • Park Ural in front of the Prius
  • Remove 5th wheel hitch
  • Place ballast in the bed of the truck
  • Remove generators and prep for storage
Oh well, eight out of eleven isn’t too bad. Plus the truck is now parked in the garage again for the first time in a while. Getting the RV covered was no small task. Warm snow on a rubber roof is kind of slippery. It’s not lined up perfectly but I was getting very wet crawling around on the roof. Arctic RV completed the grim task of replacing all three of the dump valves. They also replaced all of the insulation as they said it was in pretty bad shape from mice. The RV is being stored in their lot. 

I finally found out what my Call sign is. KL4PD. They originally said that it’ll be a week before it showed up in the FCC database. But it actually took around three weeks. And I’m now studying for the General and the Extra license. I’m amazed at how much electronics I still remember as there is a lot of it in the review materials. I’ll be taking those exams in the beginning of December. Still not sure what to do with the license…


  1. I've debated a cover for the RV but the majority of rigs at the storage lot I use don't use a taking a cue from that, online reading and the rigs I do see covered, they're always flapping in the wind which will cause wear damage supposedly.

    1. I figure that I didn’t want snow to build up under the solar panels. Plus, it’s a brand new roof and we rarely get much wind.

  2. Well Richard, seeing your list, it's only just dawned on me just how much prep work there is before winter in Alaska! As a matter of interest, what's your main form of heating at home? We have a couple of heat pumps. When we moved, I decided I would be getting too old to stack a winter supply of wood for a modern log burner!

    1. We use heating oil in a boiler. The heat is distributed using hot water baseboards. Heat pumps don’t work here due to the cold temperatures. Plus electric heating is almost prohibitively expensive. South central Alaska i.e. Anchorage area, is mostly natural gas. A lot of people still use wood heat for space heating. The boiler in our house is actually designed to use solid fuel as in wood or coal, but we never used anything except heating oil.

  3. 8 out of 11 is pretty good. At first glance I saw that three were crossed off and feared you only had 3 done.

    You can frame your license.....

    1. Crossing things off the list would’ve made more sense than crossing the things that still needed to be done.